AWA Pork

The new barn

Armin and Amanda currently manage a herd of Tamworth/Yorkshire/Berkshire crosses. “These traditional breeds are a good fit for our farm, are easy keepers, as well as have impressive and quick weight gain. They also do an amazing job helping clear the land of brush and weeds.” The pigs at Beechcrest Farm have constant access to ranging and foraging areas and are frequently moved to fresh ground to prevent the build-up of potential disease and parasites. “Rotating animals on pasture ensures that different grasses, weeds and forage are kept in check and consumed. The land and animals benefit equally from this practice.

Armin and Amanda chose to pursue AWA certification because the third-party verification aligned with their high-welfare and sustainable farm management practices. “Since we knew from day one we were going to raise the animals in a way that matched AWA’s farm standards anyway, asking for this verification seemed quite natural. The AWA logo also assures Beechcrest Farm’s customers that they are purchasing a high-quality, high-welfare product, something important to Armin and Amanda. “We hope that getting a formal certification demonstrates to the public that we are committed to keeping all the animals on the farm raised to this industry standard. “At any time, folks can come out and see for themselves what they are eating and how it has been raised.